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Frequently Asked Questions About Commissioning a Piece

How is involved in the commissioner process?

The commission process typically begins with a client seeking to capture or preserve a place or memory important to them.  Whenever possible Mr. Harwood would like to meet with the client at their home or the location the client seeks to capture.  He works from both live drawings and photographs.  

After a price of the commissioned painting is agreed on between the client and Mr. Harwood, he will then do a ‘study’ or concept painting first and seek the client’s approval before beginning with the commissioned painting.  The price of a commissioned work of art does not include the cost of framing, shipping, or handling.  Once the client approves the ‘study’ painting a Painting Commission Agreement is signed and a ½ deposit is required.


How long does a commission painting take?

A painting commission can take time; up to several months typically as Mr. Harwood wants the finished painting to both meet with his personal standard as an artist while meeting the expectations of the client.  Final payment is made upon delivery of the completed painting. 


What medium will a commissioned piece be in?

Private commissioned paintings may be in either watercolor or oils of almost any subject.  The size of the image does not matter, although watercolor paintings are limited to the size of the paper.  Oil paintings have no size limit. Any questions about this can be happily answered in the commission email.


Watercolor paintings are only painted on 100% cotton rag paper with a preference to Arches 300# paper. Only Winsor Newton watercolor paints and pigments are used for these.

Oil paintings are done on 100% cotton canvas on stretchers, properly prepared and lightly sanded surfaces for painting. Mr. Harwood’s preferences for this are Gamblin or Winsor Newton oil paints and pigments.

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